Maximize your refund by minimizing your taxes with Robert J. Greene, "The Teacher's Tax Specialist," Certified Public Account, Certified Management Accountant.

Robert Greene has been a practicing CPA and accountant for 30 years and is based in Dutchess County, New York. He has offices in New York City and Long Island.


Why trust your most important annual financial document
to a "tax preparer" with no professional training, experience, or credentials?

Robert Greene is a specialist in preparing tax returns for educators, with clients in over 40 states. His unique approach to tax reduction is guaranteed to save you money.

Robert Greene created "The Teacher's Taxes Program" to help teachers receive the refunds they are due by providing them with expert tax preparation. Mr. Greene provides an extremely high quality service at an affordable price by asking his clients follow these simple steps:

  1. Review "The Teacher's Taxes Program" by reading this website.
  2. Evaluate if this program is right for you
  3. Contact the office to schedule an appointment for your Tax Interview
  4. Prepare the necessary documents for your appointment


By following these steps and contacting Robert Greene, the average refund results were:

  • For married teachers (federal and state combined) $6500.00
  • For single teachers (federal and state combined) $5100.00

Robert Greene, CPA, CMA, uses his extensive knowledge of tax laws to provide you with the maximum tax refund.
Don't pay more taxes than absolutely necessary!

Maximize your refund by minimizing your taxes. Contact our office today to get started.

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